A Smitten Kitten

Mobile Cat Grooming

Our cat Argus.

Argus is a rescue that was found in a back yard of an apartment complex living in an abandoned boat with his 4 siblings and his mother.

Argus was placed with us before he ended up at the shelter with his siblings.

Knowing that black cats have a lower likelihood of being adopted is what prompted us to pick out the all black kitten.

Here at A Smitten Kitten, we are focused on providing grooming services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Meet Jennifer, Owner of A Smitten Kitten:

I have been a groomer of Cats & Dogs for over a decade. I have worked with many types of animals over my career. My very first Job was a trail guide on horseback when I was 17. I enjoy riding horses still to this day! 

I got my first grooming job as a bather for a salon who's owner showed Standard Poodles. I learned a lot from that job, and later attended grooming school, in Pasadena California. I worked as a groomer for a few years & eventually wanted to do something more, I was determined to work at an animal hospital to see if I could help make a difference in that field. 

I enjoyed working at the animal hospitals, as I learned so much in such a short period of time. I started out in Pharmacy, and helping as a vet technician. They quickly moved me up from taking weights, temperatures, and assisting in the appointment rooms to doing dental cleanings, and helping in surgery. 

It was a lot of long hours, and sometimes sad moments that really made me miss grooming. I still groomed at the animal hospital for those special dogs and cats that could not be safely groomed in a salon setting. But I missed the moments after the pets were groomed, how happy they were, how good they felt. Most animals that left the vet's office were not as thrilled. So I got back into my true passion. Grooming.

I have been grooming since 2003, and love it! 

I have such a passion for cats, so much so, that I really want to focus on them. I will still be grooming small dogs, which I love, but cat grooming is a huge passion of mine. Grooming a dog, is much different than grooming a cat. You have to have a special set of skills to do both, but to groom a cat you have to have an understanding of cat behavior and really work around the cats needs. Dogs are trained to listen, behave & respect the groomer. Cat's require a little bit more understanding and I have the skills to do it right.

So A Smitten Kitten was born. 

I have always wanted to have a Mobile Grooming business and this is the inside of my mobile grooming trailer. I have more photos to come after the graphics are applied. 

Why Mobile


Mobile Grooming is purrrfect for Cats and dogs:

  • I Bring the grooming salon to you!
  • No waits and no transportation issues
  • Save Gas & time
  • Pure convenience – your location, your desired timing
  • Special care for specific needs e.g. elderly cats or cats with physical disabilities and/or chronic health conditions

Mobile Grooming often cuts out these issues:

  • No Exposure noisy dogs
  • No exposure to possible parasites
  • Avoid Long waits in cages for their pickup or turn to be groomed
  • No Tricky transportation for taxis, pets with special needs or even cats that get carsick
  • The controversial practice of kennel/cage drying
  • Unfamiliarity is a huge stress factor for cats – combine that with bath time and stress from travel back & forth to the groom shop then home cats are likely to turn hysterical & or potty in the carrier on the way home.
  • Avoid all of these potential issues by having your pet catered too in my mobile salon right outside your door.
  • Groomings completed in 2 hours or less.