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Mobile Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming! 

* We are NOT taking any new K9 customers at this time as we are all booked up for the Summer & Fall 2018*

Mobile dog and cat grooming is the most stress free way to have your pet groomed. I provide convenient, professional and experienced grooming services right outside your doorstep!

I have been grooming dogs for over a decade, and love grooming them. 

At this point in my career I can only groom small & Medium size dogs under 35lbs. (unless you have been grandfathered in) 

Large Short haired breeds are excepted for Bath spa packages. 

With Mobile dog grooming you avoid a lot of unpleasantness that go along with getting your dog groomed. 

First of all, I come to you.

Second, I save you time

Avoid traffic, frustration of dropping off & picking up

No need to waste gas driving to & from your home to shop, and shop to home

Avoid cross contamination of fleas or illness

Your dog is NOT going to sit waiting for his/her turn for hours. 

Most dog grooming is done in 1-2 hours time. 

I focus on your pet the entire time, no distractions. 

 No anxiety, no cages, no waiting

Great for elderly pets, or pets with ailments that make travel difficult. 

*I do not groom aggressive & overly difficult dogs.

At this point in my career I can not risk getting injured. 

Full Service Grooming


Bath, Brush out, hand blow dry, nail trim, ears cleaned & a full body grooming to your specifications or breed standard. 

For full grooming the price will depend on how long it's been since your dog was last groomed, the breed & weight of your dog, the condition of the coat, and your dogs temperament. 

Every 6 weeks is the recommended for full service grooming to maintain your pets skin, coat, & style.​ 

Bath and Tidy


Bath, Brush out, hand blow dry, nail trim, ears cleaned & a sanitary trim, face trim ( eye corners & visor), & a paw pad trim. 

This is a great service between grooms to keep your dog looking great, even when a full haircut is not yet required. It also helps maintain the coat to keep a longer length if desired. Every 6 weeks is the recommended for full service, so this would be best every 3 weeks between full service grooming. 

Imagine if you did not brush your hair for 21 days? That is about 3 weeks time.​ 

Nail Trims 

Your dog's nails should be trimmed at least once a month. If you are not on a 3 to 6 week grooming schedule to keep up on nail trims I can come to your home just for a nail trim. I will also include paw pad trimming for your dogs benefit.

Nail trim alone is $25. for an additional pet. 

There is a minimum service fee to come to your home of $55 for a nail trim appointment only. 

Toothbrushing is included with any service

Brushing your dogs teeth has many benefits.

I will brush your dogs teeth, use a breath foam and dental spray. 

This will help kill bacteria and give your pet a cleaner freshener mouth. 

This service will not remove tartar, please consider a full dental with your vet if your pet has a tartar build up. Infection of the gums can lead to bigger problems if not taken care of. I will show you how to maintain your pets teeth and give you the toothbrush with this service. 

We are not taking any new dog clients at this time. However we are accepting Cat's. See the Cat grooming section and fill out the form to book an appointment.