A Smitten Kitten

Mobile Cat Grooming

I am a member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America

I would like nothing more than to educate cat owners that cats too need grooming. Just as much if not more regularly than a dog. Cats shed, they have oils that need to be washed out of the coat otherwise the oils and the shedding create matting. I don't always think a lion cut is best for all cats, but it can alleviate the stress & discomfort that matting can cause. It also helps with cats that shed an awful lot and have hairball issues. 

Most hairball issues can be addressed by having a professional cat groomer, such as myself, give your cat a de-greasing bath and full brush out every 6 weeks. You don't actually need the hair cut to reduce shedding.

Ask your self if your cat is clean, and what that means to you?

Does it mean freshly washed with shampoo & water, or does it mean licked all over and covered in cat spit?

Allow me to come to your home and give your cat a true cleaning. I will scrub the cat with shampoo and rinse with water to remove everyday grime, germs, dead skin, spit, urine, feces, litter box remnants, and whatever else may collect in a cat's coat. If "clean" means simply being licked over and covered in cat spit, then the act of a cat licking itself would suffice.

Here are the FACTS:

Cats have skin & hair. Skin & hair do not wash themselves.

Cats are susceptible to matting, fleas, dandruff, dander, ingrown claws, dirty behinds, and other pleasantries.

Either the cat will wash itself or a person must do it for them.

What are the benefits of a *regular bath and blow dry?

A clean, fluffy kitty that feels good

Less shedding, (or None at all)

Fewer hairballs (or None at all)

Closely trimmed nails that are less likely to damage furniture or skin and will not grow into the cat's paw pads

A clean & tidy behind that doesn't have leftover litter box "surprises" attached to it.

No more mats, ever!

No more at home grooming requirements

Less tear staining (or None at all)

No flea or tick problems

No more unsightly dandruff

Fewer allergy problems (for the cat and/or people living with the cat)

A beautiful kitty that others will admire

Give me a call today, or shoot me an email telling me a little bit about your cat and we can discuss how I can make your life and your cats life a little more comfortable.

*Regular Bath & Blow dry is based on every 6 weeks. Pre-booking your cat on a 6 week schedule is ideal to keep your cat clean, fluffy, mat-free, and looking and feeling its very best!

Here are some videos for you to see some grooming options and give you a visual of what grooming your cat looks like. If your cat is matted it may require a full shave down or lion cut to remove pelts or heavy matting. See the second video is all about Myths of cat grooming. I am a member of the NCGIA and have been grooming cats for over 10 years. 

Your Cats health and comfort are my #1 priority.

*Videos are from the NCGIA website, & Youtube page.